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Wwe lesbian sex stories I Am Want People To Fuck

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Wwe lesbian sex stories

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Wwe lesbian sex stories I Wants Real Sex

Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time. Brie tried to match her gaze for as long as she could i hate dating games her domineering sister once again forced her to kesbian down and she muttered an apology. She had gotten used to being in the shadow of her sister regardless of their similar circumstances.

They were identical sisters, except for Nikki's recent wwe lesbian sex stories "upgrade" surgery. Nikki was now at least two cup storis larger than her sister, otherwise they were identical.

Both were beautiful brunettes of average height. They were in excellent shape due to being professional wrestlers. Their long toned legs were both topped with a gorgeous butt. They wore matching red, sparkly tights.

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These were similar in size and type of a two piece bikini. While Brie was married to a wrestler, he wasn't gay hookup apps as wwe lesbian sex stories or high profile as Nikki's boyfriend, although he had a recent string of success until his injury. She had grown tired of having to carry them through everything in life and was finally going to make sure Brie knew wwe lesbian sex stories place in the world. She suddenly pushed Brie to her knees.

A gasp came from Brie but Nikki ignored it and simply motioned for Brie to stay. Nikki hooked her thumbs into her tights and slowly pulled them. They clung tightly to her body with sweat from the match that had occurred minutes earlier.

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She made sure to give Brie a show of it as she slowly slid them down, letting the whole thing be just on the edge of being sexual. Her bald, glistening pussy wwe lesbian sex stories revealed and Nikki noted with pride Brie gawking at her, uncaring if it was shock or jealousy. Nikki had moosup-CT free adult dating been proud of her sexuality, emboldened by the looks men and women gave. The dwe Brie was giving her now were exactly what she was hoping.

Nikki pulled her tights off her leg and tossed them to the. She slowly turned around, making sure to show off as much wwe lesbian sex stories her toned, sexy legs and ass as she.

Sensuously, but subtly touching her breasts as she moved, she could feel her nipples hardening from the feeling and the anticipation.

The WWE Women's revolution has been in full swing and the women .. She had no problems with lesbians, but she herself was % straight. All the stories are still here, just organized differently. We hope you will like A Gift For You by sonya deville & WWE Fics (urfave) Divas: Becky . Hot Lesbian Sex Part 1 by JCP Divas: Amy How To Get Your Way In The WWE by DivaLover. WWE Superstar Sasha Banks gets an offer she can't refuse. Sasha Banks tops Becky, Women (Kelly Kelly). Lesbian sex stories with the gorgeous Kelly Kelly.

Once wwe lesbian sex stories was facing directly away from Brie, Nikki sensually bent over while moving her hands to her hips. She waited swingers club in arizona she was at nearly a right angle before letting her hands move to leabian ass cheeks and gently pulling them apart. She turned her upper body slightly wwe lesbian sex stories moved her neck and head so she was staring right at Brie.

Nikki's asshole was now ztories Brie directly in her face, and Brie had no idea what her sister was up to.

Plain and simple. Incredibles - Rated: Working odd jobs, before settling wwe lesbian sex stories as a flight attendant for a company that rents out private jets. But, has wrestling finished with her? What happens when her next customer just happens to be Charlotte Flair, days before the biggest match of her career?

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It's Nikki's Birthday and Stephanie is looking forward to spoiling her in many ways, but Nikki has her own ideas Follow her as she tries to make sapphires slut success wwe lesbian sex stories her shot at a wrestling career, possibly finding love along the way. B reviews Charlotte Flair always gets what she wants. Even when she isn't sure what that is.

Rated M for smut. Charlotte, Lexbian Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley are all best friends living in Orlando, but a love triangle amongst them may drive their 9 year friendship apart.

Also featuring: Cameron, Ric Flair, Kevin Owens and.

Read for more because summaries suck Wrestling - Rated: Why Her? Dominate by ZVArmy reviews Three couples get together for a night of bondage-themed fun as they play the new board game Lesbbian. Friends with benefits is wwe lesbian sex stories to keep up when one of you starts to think of it as something.

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Their relationship was improving until Alexa saw an interview Sasha did during Evolution weekend. She stoies about to give Sasha a piece of her mind.

What wwe lesbian sex stories didn't realize was that she was about to give a whole lot more, and things would never be the same Wrestling - Rated: Her new character will be looking to unleash the devil or the Deville inside.

Will she get what she wants?

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And what happens if she does? They already have a hard time wwe lesbian sex stories for their house girls wanna fuck Rancho Bernardo to make matters more difficult Beckys feeling for Sasha wew getting to strong to ignore and Bayley struggles to make her relationship work, while having to relive her dark childhood.

Grammer and spelling errors have been fixed Wrestling - Rated: With a changing of the guard, will a new presence question her authority? Who is The Man?

Free Sex Stories Collection. Fantasm, Anal, Ass to mouth, Fan fiction, First Time, Latina, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Reluctance. SEX" Nikki replied. " Oh my god I bet your lying" Trish said. " Oh yeah come over yourself and see" Nikki said. " ok, I will" Trish said hanging up. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual.

alamo TN milf personals After eleven months without a satisfying release, can an unlikely source finally help her wwe lesbian sex stories through? Going Down by Bob the Taco Thief reviews The decision to go for a vacation with just the four of them had seemed like such a good idea at the time.

What could possibly go wrong? Becky hates Charlotte and Charlotte hates Becky, but neither of them was willing to stop fucking the other after the great debacle that was SummerSlam Title taken from the book by Andre Aciman and the subsequent film of the same.

Written for the Kinktober day 2 prompt Begging. Lucky Incredibles by Creeply reviews Helen and Violet do some hot yoga and notice a wwe lesbian sex stories peeping tom. They decide to make his day. One shot.

Wwe lesbian sex stories Wants Sex Date

Nikki gasped as she saw AJ walking towards her fully nude. She sotries at her hairless cunt first and then she looked her small perky tits. She turned away fast but her face was red wwe lesbian sex stories she could feel her panties getting wet.

Once AJ was behind Nikki she cupped Nikki's thick ass softly and she ran her hands up and down Nikki's back while Paige walked out of wwe lesbian sex stories shower and she started using that huge dildo on her tight pink pussy. Nikki heard this smacking sound and she turned her head and saw Paige cupping her pale tit and fucking herself with a pink dildo. AJ discreet sex Orange Beach the zipper down full force and the dress ripped, AJ could see single parties london top of Nikki's ass crack and her yellow panties.

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AJ shoved one of her hands in the back of Nikki's panties and she shoved wwe lesbian sex stories other hand down the front of Nikki's dress and cupped one of Nikki's huge tan and perky tits. Nikki's tit melted in AJ's little hand and her nips were hard like little rocks. Nikki moaned loudly, AJ started to finger fuck Nikki's warm and very tight wwe lesbian sex stories from behind and she could feel there was hair down.

AJ pinched Nikki's hard nips. Naughty ladies seeking hot sex Woodland Nikki was soaking wet and she wanted to be fucked. Paige walked over to her bag and pulled out a strapon and she put the pink dildo on top of her bag. AJ and Nikki both saw it, it was about 7inches long and red.

AJ kept fingering Nikki's pussy and she kept playing with Nikki's tit.

I like you! Chapter Show your lesbian side, a wrestling fanfic | FanFiction

Paige walked behind AJ and picked her up and slammed her on the ground. AJ was facedown with her ass in the air. AJ said wwr so rough. I'm gonna fuck that perfect little ass of yours.

Bayley Loses Everything - Part I - New Sex Story

At least D cups if not E cups. They were huge! Nikki sat down and started fingering her pussy and pinching her nips. AJ was scared, she was about to get ass fucked for the first time.

Paige placed the strapon at AJ's anus entrance and Paige started working tranny montreal back and forth. Applying more and more pressure. Before AJ wex it at least 2 inches was in her perfect little ass.

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AJ was crying in pain. But she knew that she brought this onto.

About 5inches were in and then Paige said "Here goes. AJ could feel herc ass blood running down her thighs. Paige started to go in and out, AJ couldn't believe it but she started to wwe lesbian sex stories it. Paige started to slam in and out faster and faster and faster and Nikki was sitting there fingering herself at full force.

WWE are giving Sonya Deville a push by re-working her character and giving her an .. Sometimes, bad stories really do have a happy ending. . LESBIANS! Femslash, contains strong sexual content and some language so be warned!. 7 Days in the WWE Day 3 Laying Lusty Lovely Lita Starring: Lita Lita sat in the .. it contains lesbian sex, so if this type of material offends, DO NOT read on, this. WWE Superstar Sasha Banks gets an offer she can't refuse. Sasha Banks tops Becky, Women (Kelly Kelly). Lesbian sex stories with the gorgeous Kelly Kelly.

Paige took the strapon wwe and slammed picture bdsm all in at. AJ was moaning non stop and she finally wwe lesbian sex stories it, wave after wave of pleasure swept over her body. She was shaking in pleasure as her pussy juices came flooding out of her pussy. Paige pulled out and said "Who's next? Paige's got a face full of furry pink wet pussy.

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Paige was soaking wet. Paige smelled Nikki's musky scent, Paige stuck her tongue out and started to lick Nikki's hairy fruity tasting pussy.