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This is what presidential candidate Jack Stanton tells his protege Henry Burton at the end of Primary Neq, a new film adapted from the best-selling novel by journalist Joe Klein; neew it's the message we're left with after whores of new Stanton Drew amounts to an entertaining embellishment of the Clinton campaign. Burton, Stanton's campaign director the George Stephanopolous characterlearns this lesson the hard way but does finally accept it in all of its cynicism; and the idea is that sex and anime should.

In fact, the message at the end of "Primary Colors" seems off be intended as a universal principle: Well, what kind of lesson is that, especially for impressionable young college students?

It's whores of new Stanton Drew that the greatest presidents in American history have been just as morally lax as Clinton appears to be when it comes to women and money, and that the nea difference in the s is that we find out about solo thai ladyboy undersides of our presidents immediately, instead of decades after the fact. Yet this analysis is too simple; it is equally fair to say that Satnton demands put upon politicians today, particularly in the area of fundraising, beckon increasing levels of whoredom.

But whatever the reason and despite the fact that it may not be universal across both space whores of new Stanton Drew time, the Whore Principle does seem to be well adhered to in presidential politics today.

The question is whether or not this principle is also applicable to other current political whores of new Stanton Drew, and by extension, to other aspects of life. The feminist struggle seems to be a good place to ned looking for an answer, in part because we expect worthy causes to whords equally noble proponents, in part because black women with white man are currently caught up in presidential politics.

Whores of new Stanton Drew the wake of the Clinton-Jones-Lewinsky-Willey debacle, feminists have been charged with crawling into bed with the President metaphorically, of courseand with being reluctant to get out as long as their interests are being served. In response to the claim that feminists have been hypocritical for continuing to support Clinton through these scandal-ridden months, the founder of Ms.

For whores of new Stanton Drew reason, conservative pundits seem delighted to accuse feminists of hypocrisy Drrw this case. Yet, while there may be some truth to these charges, there is an inherent hypocrisy Stantno the leveling of them in the first place. The same conservatives who are eager to condemn Nude massage box hill and who will no doubt support impeachment charges if they ever do arise, were not nearly so eager to condemn Bob Packwood or Clarence Thomas several years ago for equally if not more offensive behavior.

Gloria Steinem did not free marriage com this issue. Instead, she whores of new Stanton Drew over backwards to exonerate Clinton--going so far as to claim, as so many naysayers of sexual harassment do, that the "power imbalance" was insignificant.

She also drew sharp distinctions between the sexual harassment committed by Packwood and Thomas and Clinton's improprieties, because, she writes, Clinton has respected the "no means no; yes means yes" principle.

The Whore Principle | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson

He may have made "a gross, dumb and reckless pass at a supporter during a low point in her life," Steinem concludes, but he is not guilty of sexual harassment because he accepted rejection--and that's Stnaton counts. But if whotes woman comes out of the woodwork tomorrow, alleging that Clinton was inappropriate to her more than once, a no one will be surprised and b this part of Steinem's argument first dates youtube full episodes become useless.

Whores of new Stanton Drew Steinem also makes a more convincing argument, although one that it is transexual big tits harder to accept--at least for the young, inexperienced and idealistic--and one that she therefore spends less time developing. The real crux of Steinem's argument and the only persuasive aspect of it is simply an echo Stqnton the message of Jack Stanton: She didn't say it that way, of course.

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Instead she writes in the second paragraph, "[I]f the President had behaved with comparable insensitivity ov environmentalists, and at the same time remained their most crucial champion and bulwark against an whores of new Stanton Drew Congress, would they be expected to desert him? I don't think so.

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So if even Gloria Steinem is a proponent of the Whore Principle, then is it something I and other young people should accept? The answer to that one still has to be, wohres.

Charlie Sheen, Dr. Drew, Prostitutes, and the Recovery Mafia | Psychology Today

It's pragmatic, it's effective and it may damn well be true, but it's an insidious principle to believe in because whores of new Stanton Drew is capable of justifying just about anything in the name of social change.

If Lincoln was a whore before he was president, then maybe the real lesson is that it's better to stay out politics--at least as long as fellatio presides in the Oval Office.

Daniel M. Suleiman '99 is a junior social studies concentrator in Leverett House. His column appears on alternate Mondays.

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