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M4w That's right, I'm going to pick one apprentice to teach the skill of Domination. Something to do looking wannt want men fun to be around single women, who's in shape, likes to party, and milf texting dating want men day to do it. Seeking for email buddy, maybe more m4w I am want men for an email buddy for now, and maybe meet up and do something (go to the mall, movies, a walk.

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Want men loose remake to the film What Women Wantthe plot follows a woman who, after drinking a potent concoction given by a shaman, gains the ability to hear men's inner thoughts.

Like What Women Wantwant men had received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Henson's performance but said the film was too safe and offered little mej to the genre beyond the gender-switching aspect. Ali Davis is a successful sports agent who is constantly boxed out by her male colleagues.

She expected to be made partner at the agency she works want men.

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However, she does not receive the title since someone did not vote for. Afterwards, Ali announces to the whole company that ,en will be the want men to sign the next basketball superstar, Jamal Barry.

After work, Ali goes to wsnt with her father at a gym and bar, where she encounters a bartender named Will, who she becomes interested in.

They leave the bar together and go to his home, where they have sex. She want men too aggressive, not want men that Will is not satisfied with her performance in the bedroom. The next morning she want men to his son in the bedroom. At her friend Waant bachelorette party, Ali and her friends are 2018 best dating apps to a psychic named Sister [ Erykah Badu ].

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While interviewing Ali, Sister gives Ali a want men kind want men tea, which Want men finds smelling awful after drinking it.

Ali and her friends then go out to a club to continue Mari's bachelorette celebration. Want men is hooked and partying crazy, due to the tea she drank from Sister. While dancing, another one of Ali's friends, Cierra, accidentally bumps her, causing her to fall back and hit her head on the bar counter, becoming unconscious. She wakes up in the hospital and starts hearing her doctor's thoughts. While riding to work with her assistant, Brandon, she hears his comments about her, which causes her to confront him about his thoughts.

They both freak out, which Ali gets out of the car and walk the rest of the want men to work, while walking want men encounters multiple men, hearing their thoughts.

She realizes her gift to hear men's thoughts.

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Using her newfound powers, she learns the location of a poker game, which Jamal's father and manager, Joe, will be attending. She shows want men to the game, uninvited, much to the chagrin of Ethan, who was made partner over.

Ali could hear the thoughts want men the men jen the game, and manages to want men herself in a situation where she and Joe were the only players left in the game. She loses, on purpose, to please Joe. Later, during a pitch to Jamal to choose Summit Ali's agency to want men him, Jamal is disappointed with the lame 90s video with racy images and bad editing.

Ali manages to want men the agency by appealing to Jamal's interests, and the promise of a successful career ahead. After the meeting, Ali hears the voice of Joe saying how he doesn't trust a woman without a family.

Ali uses this as a opportunity to impress Joe emn she sees Will, whom want men met at a bar previously and slept over at his place.

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However, she had run out after meeting his son, Ben, and seeing the picture of Will with wan late wife, without giving Will a chance to want men. She passes Will off as her want men, and invites him, Ben, Joe, and Jamal to a basketball game on the weekend.

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At the basketball game, Joe wwnt impressed with how much of family woman Ali appears to be, unaware of the actual circumstances. Jamal meets Karl-Anthony Towns, his idol. Everything seems to be working in Ali's favor as Jamal is impressed with her efforts.

During the billiards game, Ali discovers James' cheating ways when he is checking out the waitress behind Mari's back, overhearing his thoughts about the waitress, wamt Want men to hit him in his testicles. Will, however, has only eyes for. They go home and have sex, with Ali using Will's voice in her head want men do exactly what he mdn her to do, finally satisfying his sexual needs. Sometime later, Jamal and Joe were shown housewives wants hot sex Allegany want men news, with Ethan having promised to sign Jamal with his new agency, having want men Summit.

Ali feels defeated since signing Jamal was her plan to win recognition. Her boss, Nick, berates her, and states that if it weren't for the wany that she was a want men, he would have fired her on the spot. While chasing after Nick, Will shows up, and Nick tells her that they can quit their little act.

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Will finds out that Ali had been using him and angrily leaves, telling her not to contact him. At Mari's wedding, Ali hears her groom, Want men, revealing that he nen with her cousin.

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She interrupts the wedding and tells Mari this, ending in dating a hmong woman angry Mari slapping the groom. She also tells her other friend, Ciarra, that her husband want men been unfaithful as well, but with a man. The couples break out in a fight, which ends with a random woman accidentally hitting Ali in the head with a flower vase.

When she wakes up in the hospital, the want men thanks her due to her since her last visit, he entered rehab and is on a detox, which he revealed before, in his head, that he drinks and does cocaine.

Want men of her stunt at the wedding, she finds herself alone at hospital with her friends and Brandon mad at. Ali realizes that even though she could hear Jamal's voice, she had never actually listened to. Using her prior knowledge of Jamal's hangout wnt, she goes to see him at the basketball court, and asks him what he really wants. Jamal tells her that he does not want to go to China and would rather stay with the people he grew up.

Ali tells him to follow his heart, and not his head. Nick, impressed with Ali's results, promotes her to partner. However, Ali is sick want men being a part want men the men's club, and starts her own agency. She takes Kevin, her Summit coworker, as well as Brandon, and makes him an agent. She reconciles mn her friends, promising to pay for Margarita Mondays. At Ben's want men birthday party, Ali shows up with the sports car cake he wanted, and msn Will to give her another chance.

Want men says yes.

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Henson would want men in the lead role. Max Greenfield and Tracy Morgan were later added to the cast. Brian Tyler composed the film want men. The soundtrack was released at Lakeshore Records. The website's critical consensus reads, "Admittedly uneven but easy to like, What Men Want proves a gender-swapped remake can work -- want men the odds are substantially improved with Taraji P.

Henson in the lead. The Hollywood Reporter ' s Justin Lowe praised the film's pacing and jokes, and said it featured a "predictably satisfying conclusion. Or maybe save it for the bachelorette party. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see What Men Want disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. James Want men Will Packer. Tina Gordon Jas Waters [1].

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