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Seeking free studio time

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Years ago, while still in high school, I was lucky enough to take a summer course seeking free studio time the fundamentals of audio and music production.

A local community college was offering the program to a handful of serking, and without really knowing what I was doing, I signed up.

I Wants Vip Sex Seeking free studio time

A few days into the class, I had a sudden realization: Before then, like many, I figured I wanted to be a full-time musician. I fantasized about making music—not performing it on stage.

Eventually, after the course ended, I figured my newfound knowledge would help me get the perfect internship at a studio. I tried a few approaches and most of them failed miserably. Am I supposed to email studios or call seeking free studio time

Do I just show up and ask for an internship? The approaches I took are the ones I want to share today.

Many of these tips may seem like common sense, but so few people seekinf. Before doing anything else, you should make a list of a few studios.

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You have two options: Relocating to one of the major areas of activity would give you a leg up and also increase the number of choices. In conjunction with seeking out a seeking free studio time, I would look on your favorite records and see where the producers and engineers you admire prefer to work.

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I would start by targeting these particular studios. Obviously, moving to a big city for an internship can be costly.

But, if you do have the means, it might be worth trying if there are no local studios. Most studios will have an email address or contact form on their website.

Doing a lot of research is the key. Make note of their location, clientele, history, engineers, and gear. Studio managers and owners are, after all, interested in people with initiative.

Seeking free studio time

As cool as it may seem, running a studio is still very much a business—a difficult one. If need be, have a friend or parent read over the email to make sure it all sounds coherent, intelligent, and to the point.

Take the time to make sure your emails stand out by actually knowing the facility, engineers, and clientele. Can I work at your studio? What can you bring to the table?

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Are you willing to clean toilets, fetch coffee, pick up food, and take out the trash? Sending an email is the easy.

Allow plenty of time for the unforeseen. You can always kill time in the neighborhood if you are very early.

It's not exaggerating for me to say that each year, there are literally thousands of Recording Arts graduates looking for recording studio time. By the time you're in the studio, you should know what you want to walk Also, once you find some bands that have recorded at the studio you're thinking about, feel free to reach out to Looking for something in particular?. These days Add-2 is focusing most of his time on the young people who come to the studio seeking a listener, studio time or just a distraction.

When you are done, thank the interviewer for their time and follow up the next day with a call seeking free studio time email. This will show you go the extra mile a good trait no matter what you do in life.

The rest will fall into place. They want to know if you can follow directions and take a food order.

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