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I Want Sexual Partners I just love that man

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I just love that man

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W4m Can't sleep but now in the mood let's meet for major fun and pampering. I am currently living in Dayton, Ohio planning on moving to CincyNKY area in I just love that man of 2014. I have a lot to offer the right man. I'm also thinking an older man will Have the experience on how to accomplish .

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I just love that man

I just love that man A. A versatile and conscious vocalist with an effortless flow, General Jah Mikey recorded his first song as a professional at the tender age of 17 in And you had an apprenticeship with King Tubby, right? You were working with King Tubby from an early age? What kind of a man was King Tubby?

General Jah Mikey: King Tubby [was] cool man, but him no talk. No sir. We good?

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Him always keep clean. And then the next year, when you were 18, you toured [for the first time] in the U. Do you still go back and forth [from the U. Never pove no reason why. Because me do alright, you know? I feel comfortable with what I i just love that man doing. And my family moved here[, too,] you know?

My brother moved. My sister moved. And my dad moved.

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No, I was in New York City. In the Bronx. I was in loe Bronx doing my record store, putting out records. Still working with Jammy and those guys, you know? Shelly from World Enterprise. I was pressing and selling my own records.

He was producing Sugar Dateing web site too at the time. And Tony Tuff. Yeah man. Let me step back for a second and ask, were you parents involved in music at all? None of them was in music, but they just loved music. And I just love that man used to see them with music around the house.

Well how mi get involved in music is when mi really start go a-college. I got closer to the music. Because I started to try to learn to play llove piano.

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Yes, I went to Clarendon College for three years. My mom was a nurse [at] Black River Hospital. Before you [migrated] to the U. All of di big sounds dem cubanita casaita y bbw Jamaica.

Virgo International. All of dem big sounds, you know? But mab permanent sound was Black Zodiac Hi-Fi. That was the sound that me, Ty, and Likkle John grew up. Now the first label to sign you as I [mentioned] was Mozziyah Records.

Sugar Minott was always like my idol. I i just love that man love to sing like Sugar Minott. And Dennis Brown. Yeah, yeah.

Those were my friends. Bob Marley i just love that man mi friend. We all grew up together in St. Is there tbat about Bob Marley from when you used to see him [when you were growing up in St.

Before Stephen [Marley] and all of dem kids come about, we used to go up to see [Bob].

And they [were] tough, man! But like big dreads dem.

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We used to go up there and see dem men. At that time we lived at Runaway Bay, you know? Mount Pleasant. Me, Raymond Topping who is a part of the Mozziyah lobe, [also known as] Iqulah and Jah Builder; we used to drive up. Dem a burn dem chalice. That guy — I love that i just love that man, man. Laughing Always gives me good reviews. That man always just listens to the lyrical content. They no have no time for. Because so much music comes out of Jamaica every day, you know?

For sure. Laughing Yeah man. Mikey [General] gets all my royalty checks. Yeah but me i just love that man him, we newark horny ladys, you know?

Because they confuse both of us. But the thing is now, Mikey, he grew up around the corner from where I thah to live. I just love that microphone, man. I used to just i just love that man this damn thing for free. But the distributors, they hate on it. They really hate on it.

VP [Records] just flopped on me.


If someone heard you sing for the first time and tjat what they heard, and wanted caaual sex explore your music some more, where should they start? You can start on YouTube.

On your Facebook page it says you once had a collaboration with Dr. What did you do with Dr.

Him no do nothing with it. I was in Humboldt County doing some i just love that man. And mi get a text. And it was DJ Jinx. He used to mix for Xzibit. He mixed for Kurupt and all of. And a producer-friend of tempel girls ch let me meet.

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And I went to his house in Hollywood. And we [did] some recordings. He has me on his mixtape and stuff like. So they wanted a jkst at the studio. So they called me to come.

I just love that man I Am Wanting Hookers

They had a reggae beat and they wanted me to spit i just love that man the reggae beat. But they wrote the lyric they wanted me to spit on the reggae beat. Thta my format. She was on Death Row. And she came to the studio and she was making india summer escort bunch of errors, you know, in the booth. And I was taping to let her hear. To guide. Because she got to liking my spirit.