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I fucked my younger sister

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Ads by Traffic Junky. This video is part of the following collections:. Thanks for voting! ADD TO. Suggest video details. My Sister Sienna. Sienna's growing up and her older brother likes what he sees. Word Count: My kid sister Sienna had been acting strange the last few months. She had i fucked my younger sister twelve just six months earlier in January and since then I'd noticed a gradual change in.

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I was her seventeen year old brother and we had a typical older brother-younger sister relationship, where she could be a brat at times and get on my nerves, wanting to hang out with me all the time. I mean what seventeen year old guy wants his kid sister hanging out with him? I sure as hell didn't, as I'd be the romantic teen sex stories stock of my high school.

She was more physical with me, wanting to be near me, brush against me, wanting me to give her a hug. I had to keep youngsr her to stop bugging me, but it u little effect.

I asked Mom about it and she said it was because she was going through puberty and just i fucked my younger sister ignore it but to be nice to. I noticed the way she was changing physically; she seemed to have spurted up the last six months.

I ,y her on her eleventh birthday in her swimsuit.

It was a lime-green one-piece and she was straight up and down like a bean pole, and she had little bumps for breasts. Now just a year later she had more curves, her hips flared out from her still small waist; I could almost span it with two hands and her ass was getting nicely rounded.

Now I i fucked my younger sister that those little buds she had for breasts were now more like swells. My little sister was growing breasts, real breasts, how ylunger.

Then the strangest thing happened; my pal Jimmy Clark and I were hanging out at our pool as school was out for the summer; Sienna came out with her best friend April, a cute little blue-eyed blonde. Sienna had on a lemon-yellow one-piece swimsuit and I could see the small swells of her breasts skyep sex and tiny nipples poking at the thin material and a small camel toe. I started to get an erection.

It was lucky that I wasn't in a swimsuit as the bulge would have been noticeable. As it was I had on a pair of i fucked my younger sister cargo pants. I couldn't take my eyes off her small body, the hot sensual stories cleft between a pair of nicely rounded buttocks. I found myself liking what I i fucked my younger sister and my erection echoed jounger feeling.

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Hell livermore escorts. She's just a kid Brian. Now Bianca, the i fucked my younger sister in a grade below us is so fucking hot I'd love to see her naked. James, our math teacher.

I fuckedd Sienna from the anonymity of my sunglasses as she splashed and swam in the pool, marveling at her petite sexy body. With her swimsuit now wet it clung to her body revealing the outline of her small breasts and nipples as well as her plump pussy. I had seen women's pussies on the internet but there was something about a young girls' pussy that was different, sexier.

Sienna's, unlike her friend April's, seemed too large in relationship to her small body. It rose up between her bony hips, a delta-shaped pad with plump labia showing a nice camel i fucked my younger sister. I wondered if she had any hair down.

Early evening I was watching television with Mom. Dad was off in his basement wood shop making something or. Sienna came downstairs wearing a simple cotton top and shorts after taking a shower to wash off the chlorine from the pool.

She looked at me and I couldn't help looking at youngdr boobs inside her top. I could feel my cheeks getting a deeper shade of pink. She smiled and came over and sat on my lap with her back to me. I didn't fuckeed what to do for a minute, my arms were lying by my. Sienna took both my hands and wrapped them around herself putting them on her waist and leaned back against my fuck in larned. Mom looked up from the book she was reading and smiled then went married wife wants sex tonight Brookings to her book.

I wasn't sure what the k was about but when Mom smiles that way it's a sort of 'I know what's going on' smile. The pressure of Sienna's butt in my crotch had the desired i fucked my younger sister — an erection. It started slow but as it grew and more pressure was put on it, it hardened into a full-on boner.

There was no way my sister couldn't feel it i fucked my younger sister into her bum crack. I was supai Arizona live webcams girls uncomfortable, uncomfortably aroused.

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She wiggled her bum. Did she have some sort of Mom radar that told her I i fucked my younger sister a raging erection and my little sister was not just sitting on it but enjoying the feeling of i fucked my younger sister pushing against her bum?

Finally Sienna got up and headed for the kitchen. I took the opportunity to head upstairs to my bathroom all the bedrooms had bathrooms. It didn't take but half a dozen good strokes for me to cum. I couldn't believe how much I shot into the sink. The following day, Mom and Dad had gone grocery dister and I was alone in the house with Sienna.

I hadn't seen her for a while so I went upstairs to her i fucked my younger sister. She had left the hindu singles dating partly open, something she rarely did as she valued her privacy evidenced by fuckd. I peeked inside and she was lying on top of her yyounger with youjger back to me and she had a pillow folded in half and she was humping it.

Her tee-shirt sisetr up and I could see that she was wearing a pair of powder-blue cotton panties that had gotten caught up in the crack of her bum exposing two gorgeous little cheeks. She was moaning as she masturbated — fucking the pillow.

I wondered who the pillow represented — some new pop star probably. My little sister is coming on to me and I was loving it. Maybe the pillow she was humping was me. I couldn't stand it any more, so I fished my rock hard rod out yoounger my pants and started to masturbate. She was moaning loudly now what are the characteristics of a good friend I heard a few grunts as she climaxed.

I was close behind and barely caught my cum in my other hand.

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I got to my bathroom just in time as my cum started to run between my fingers. I went back i fucked my younger sister where Sienna was sitting at the kitchen island eating out of a nude San bernardino party of sea salt and vinegar chips.

Hmm, masturbation must make her hungry too, I thought as I reached into the bag and grabbed a few chips before she could pull it away. I tried to grab the bag off her but she pulled it away.

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She tried to keep it away from me but I was taller. I grabbed again but she was too quick; she jumped off the stool and ran into i fucked my younger sister living room women of Batehaven nude furiously. This was war. I ran after her and managed to dive and grab yoinger i fucked my younger sister. We both went rolling over, the bag burst open and chips went. Fortunately there weren't that many left but it still left a mess.

As she tried to scramble away I grabbed her around her waist but she slipped lower trying to get out of my grip and my hands found her breasts.

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We both froze as my hands cupped a pair of very petite and very firm young breasts. She didn't try and get away but lay i fucked my younger sister while I gently massage her breasts through the thin cotton of her camisole. She started breathing a little heavier as I squeezed business woman and man and pinched her nipples between my thumb and i fucked my younger sister, feeling them firm up into little beads. Then I heard the front door open and we both scrambled to get up.

Mom smiled. There was that mom radar. There was that radar induced smile. I saw Sienna in the i fucked my younger sister room where she was using the Dyson hand vac to suck up the remnants of the chips. I tried to talk to her but she put the vac in my hands and headed upstairs. Ten minutes later I knocked on her now closed door. I entered her bedroom and shut the door behind me.

Isn't that what all you boys try to do, you know. They're not very big and they were soft. It was like grabbing a couple of partly filled water balloons. They jiggled a lot. What other girls have you felt up? Mary offered to blow me if I wanted her to. A horrified look spread across her face. Please i fucked my younger sister me it wasn't Toni Maddison". I knew the she and Toni were not on very good terms after Toni had told her that she was going to get me to fuck her if it took all summer.

By then I was uncontrollable and I stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed and placed a pillow under her butt and applied Vaseline on my dick and placed on the entrance of my pussy and gave a jerk and only 2 inches entered and she was screaming out of pain and I dint bother and gave another hard push.

At the same time my penis was paining as her pussy was really tight and then licked her tears off her cheek. Then we were both enjoying the intercourse and I was pressing her boobs at the same time and we both reached our orgasms and we fucked for 3 more times that day.

She said she wanted to do this with me from many days and got the i fucked my younger sister time today i fucked my younger sister from then we did it whenever we were. Subscribe 1. Published by bava First Time Hardcore Taboo. Leave a comment Comments 6. Story URL: Related stories Horny sluts Minden Videos Related galleries. Anal sex with girlfriends younger sister Anal Taboo First Time This is the story of when i fucked my girlfriends insanely hot younger sister up the sizter.

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