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Any computer geeks out there i need help I Am Wanting Private Sex

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Any computer geeks out there i need help

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I Am Wants Sexual Encounters Any computer geeks out there i need help

DanMcG I think you hit it on the head - had it happen to me too, esp. Jun 12, 8. Ron, i think its a signal you are a smoking maniac.

Living it, eating it. Somebody screwing with you.

Area 51 peps. Jun 12, 9. Far Northern California. I think they're right. Pretty easy to fix. Just right-click on the desktop and select Properties. Then click on the Desktop tab and select a new or in this case old background. Those instructions work in XP.

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By the looks of your Start button, I assume you have Vista? They rearranged everything in Vista but it should point you in j right direction.

Jun 12, Ron, This can happen pretty easily.

Any Computer Geeks Out There | Smoking Meat Forums - The Best Barbecue Discussion Forum On Earth!

More than likely you or someone right clicked on the forum pic and selected 'Set as Desktop background' or 'Set as Wallpaper'. You can fix it on that Vista machine you are running by right clicking on the desktop, click Personalize, double-click on Desktop Background and select whatever background you want.

PM me if you need any other help. Personally I think this rocks! I wouldn't worry too much about a virus.

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Portland, OR. There is a program called Mallwarebytes do a google search. It is naughty woman want sex The Villages free program and it is really good at finding and removing viruses, trojans, keyloggers, ect.

It does not catch incoming viruses, but if you think you have one just run the program and see what it finds. I run 1X a month just to be safe, and I let it updated itself right before I run it to make sure I got the most current data base of viruses. It is best to have these programs on your machine BEFORE you get a virus, because more and more viruses are adding a feature that tries to block your access to anti-virus sites once your machine is infected.

So keep you machines clean any computer geeks out there i need help your any computer geeks out there i need help thin! Might grab the full version later on and see how well it works. That is probably what happened. I set it back to what it. I have full virus running at all ii Mc Afee security suite. There is another really good free program called CCleaner that scans for housewives want sex Augusta Missouri things including your registry.

Anu also have another free program called Secunia PSI that watches for any changes that are made to your computer. So I think I am pretty well on guard. Probably a dumb move on gesks. Thanks for the help. Date site review actually did that while looking at less than decent media when I was like 15 and had a really interesting conversation with my parents about my computer usage. Martinez, CA. My advice and suggestions should never be considered advice or suggestions.

These are mostly insane ramblings of a poor aircraft mechanic who can, strangely enough, still hear. StudioLive The shortest, best, and admittedly most expensive, answer is "Macbook Pro"! MikeRivers Presonoid Joined: Best Buy sells what's hot this week. It's an OK place to buy a computer to use around the house or to keep yourself in touch with your Facebook fans while you're on a trip, but not to buy the latest high tech computer.

Any computer geeks out there i need help

If you must buy one without an expansion slot or Firewire port, your option, if you want to use it for audio recording and production, is to buy an audio interface that uses USB 2. But not a StudioLive, at least not one of the current generation.

But it's still possible to buy a decent laptop computer that you can adapt to Firewire. You just need to find a better place to shop, or go on line to one of the custom or semi-custom "built to our specifications" suppliers. It's a faster version of USB. There are a few external disk drives that use it, maybe some consumer products, but as far as I know no audio products. I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two within the next year, unless they skip over it and go with that Thunderbolt thing like a faster Ethernet.

You really shouldn't try to be on the leading edge of technology if you want your audio gear to function well with a computer. In fact, if you have a good used computer store in town, shop there and see what they have in any computer geeks out there i need help way of last year's or the year before's models.

For one thing, you'll save a bunch of money, for another, it's usually easier to return a egyptian girls escort computer to a shop if it doesn't work out for you.

But you have to do it in a reasonable time - you can't wait 18 months in hopes that the audio device you want to use will finally get a compatible driver. Visit http: Harris Presonoid Joined: Baton Rouge, LA Offline. Mk4honk Prenoob Thsre Rains are great. I have 5 of. Great for Pc users. Go to: